Anne Doyle

Interior Designer

About Me

Interior Design has always been something that I love doing. My earliest memory of an attempt at Interior Design was when I was 5 and my father brought home a new oil cloth for the farmhouse table (showing my age) and I decided it would be nice to give the chickens a new floor in their coop with the old one. You can imagine the mess the chickens made and the trouble I got in when my brother went to gather eggs and went sliding on this face. That was a long time ago but my passion for interior design remained and I now run Page Interiors. There is nothing like doing what you love. The name Page Interiors came from wanting a name different to my surname but a name that was still special to me. So I juggled up my family’s names, I have two children, Patrick and Gemma and a long suffering husband Eugene. When I added my own name Anne and took the first letter from each name, Page Interiors was born!

But now onto to the serious side,  I did my studying with Limperts Academy of Design in Dublin where I received a Diploma in Interior Design with Distinction. While I was studying, a local developer gave me the opportunity to decorate a show house for him. I was excited and terrified!! But as the show houses increased and my confidence grew, I knew I never wanted to stop; but there’s more! One day when I was putting the finishing touches to a large split level show house on opening day,there were lots of people coming and going but I kept meeting one particular couple who seemed to be there for quite a long time. When I asked if they liked the house, the young man (yes the man) said “I just don’t want to leave I love it so much”!

That was it. I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make people feel the same way about their work place, their office, their local pub, night club, shed,whatever! Just any place where people got together. I was so excited that now I was on a mission!

I arrive home. Eugene says “how did it go”? I said, Great! “I’m going back to college to study commercial interior design”! He said, “Oh good God here we go again”!

I put my head down for the next few years and In 2008 I received a hard earned Higher Diploma in Interior Design and Interior Architecture. Yes of course this was the worst time you could possibly think of for anyone in this business to be looking for work, but I had already decided that it would take much more than a recession to push me off my yellow brick road. Ok so there were a few steeper hills to get over and plenty of potholes but I kept advertising myself much to everyone’s amusement as I truly believed that if I stuck it out, that eventually someone somewhere would decide that their public space or work environment needed a face lift, and I would be ready. In 2010 Done Deal went looking for someone for exactly that reason!

Design Accredited

I have studied Commerical Interior Design and Architectural Design. I have a diploma in Interior Design with distinction and a higher diploma in Interior Design and Interior Architecture from the Limpert Academy.

Health & Safety

I am safe pass approved which means I can spend time on construction jobs and I even have my own hard hat.